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Printing Lists the "Old Way" in Koha 3.14

I’ve been teaching our partners all about Koha 3.14 and one of the great upgrades that comes with 3.14 is a new interface for lists in the staff client. I happen to love this new look and feel, but a few of our partners noted that the new printable version of the list is a bit long for their liking so in true Koha and open source fashion I was able to write them a report that would generate a list in the way they wanted to print it:

[code wraplines=”true” toolbar=”true”]
select concat(b.title, ‘ ‘, ExtractValue(bi.marcxml, ‘//datafield[@tag="245"]/subfield[@code="b"]’)) as Title,
b.author, c.dateadded, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT i.itemcallnumber SEPARATOR ‘ , ‘) AS ‘Call Number(s)’
from virtualshelves l
left join virtualshelfcontents c using (shelfnumber)
left join biblio b using (biblionumber)
left join items i on (b.biblionumber=i.biblionumber)
left join biblioitems bi on (b.biblionumber=bi.biblionumber)
where l.shelfname like <<List name like (use % for wildcard)>>
group by b.biblionumber
order by b.title asc

To print out the list just enter the list name exactly right when asked by Koha or enter it with % around it. So %research% will find any list with the word ‘Research’ in the list name.