Aspen Discovery

Password Reset in Aspen Discovery

You now have the ability to allow your patrons to reset their password within Aspen Discovery without being sent to Koha to reset! In order to enable this functionality you will want to enable the ability within Aspen under Primary Configuration. Open the library system you want this ability for and scroll down to ILS/Account integration. Within User Profile you will see the option to 'Allow PIN Reset' - this will need to be clicked on. At this point, your PASSWORD_RESET notice in Koha needs a little tweaking.

In Koha go to Notices & slips within the tools module. If this notice has not been edited the default will have a portion directing the patron to the Koha reset link. The part of the notice that needs to be changed looks like this:

You can now create your new password using the following link:

You will want that to become:

You can now create your new password using the following link: [% passwordurl = passwordreseturl %] [% passwordurlreplace = passwordurl.replace('//','//') %]
[% passwordurlreplace%]

You will need to customize the urls with your individual Koha OPAC and Aspen Discovery layer links.

If you have questions about this process, feel free to reach out to your Aspen Discovery and Koha support company.

Read more by Addie Van Salisbury