Adding a Library Link to the OPAC

New Link on OPAC

This new feature in Koha 20.05 adds a new link “Libraries” or “Library” to the navigation in the OPAC.

The new page links to a static URL that will provide further information about all libraries in the Koha installation, using the data from the library configuration page under Administration /Libraries.

This is by default set up in the area under the search bar, however since it is a URL, it could be placed somewhere else:

https://library URL/cgi-bin/koha/

For multi-branch systems, a "libraries" page will list all the libraries in the system, linking to individual pages for each library showing more information.

For a single branch system, a 'Library" page will list the Library information.

This new page will display the full address, email, fax and further information from the Libraries page under Koha Admin.

Staff View:

Once a patron clicks on "Libraries" this is the OPAC view:

Each library itself will be clickable from this page. This will bring up a new page specific to the branch and will display more information from the Libraries area in Koha, specifically the OPAC information box.

If a library fills out the OPAC information box, that will be displayed on the new page specific to that branch.

Staff View:

OPAC view:

Tutorial Video

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For more information about this specific enhancement, here is a link to bug 13388.

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