20.05: Technical Services

New Features in Koha 20.05 for Technical Services

Details about new features coming in Koha 20.05 listed below.


[22774] Add ability to limit the number of purchase suggestions a patron may submit in a specified time period

This enhancement allows the library to limit the number of purchase suggestions a user may submit within a given time period.

Sponsored by the Round Rock Public Library.

[23590] Add the ability to change the manager of a suggestion and notify the new manager

This enhancement to the purchase suggestions process adds the ability to modify the manager of a suggestion. When the manager is changed, an email is automatically sent to the new manager.

Sponsored by Bibliothèque Universitaire des Langues et Civilisations (BULAC

  • [12502] Add columns for note, order number and ISBN to late orders page
  • [14963] Add the ability to suggest purchase from existing titles
  • [14973] Add an alert during purchase suggestion submissions to warn the user when an existing biblio appears to satisfy the request
  • [16784] Add table configuration for the suggestions table
  • [22784] Add the ability to archive purchase suggestions
  • [23591] Add a new “Suggestions details” tab on bibliographic record
  • [23592] Add a shortcut from suggestion details to the bibliographic details in the staff client
  • [24308] Add ability to sort by dates in the suggestions table
  • [23594] Add ability to batch modify itemtypes from the suggestions page
  • [24819] Add ability for librarians to choose a patron when entering a purchase suggestion
  • [23596] Add ability to modify the suggestions ‘reason’ field when receiving the item
  • [24158] Add ability to receive items in multiple currencies
  • [24161] Add ability to track the claim dates of later orders
  • [24162] Add quantity column to the late orders table
  • [24163] Add ability to define a CSV profile for late orders export
  • [24276] Add functionality to apply defaults from the ACQ framework for mandatory fields when adding records from external sources
  • [25599] Allow use of cataloguing placeholders when ACQ framework is used creating new record (UseACQFrameworkForBiblioRecords)
  • [17016] Button to clear all fields in budget planning


[3426] Add support for multiple tags to the itemcallnumber system preference

With this enhancement, the itemcallnumber system preference now allows to specify multiple fields from which Koha can pull a suggestion for the itemcallnumber to use when adding items.

See our Monday Minutes video and blog post for further details.

[8643] Add ability to mark some MARC tags and subfields as important and alert on saving the record if they are found to be empty

This feature allows tags and subfields in bibliographic frameworks to be marked as important. The important attribute will trigger a confirmation message on saving the record, but will allow you to save the record without filling the fields. This presents a middle ground between required and optional.

Sponsored by Centre collégial des services regroupés.

[17268] Advanced cataloging editor – rancor – macros are lost when browser storage cleared

This enhancement moves advanced cataloging editor macros into the database. This means they are not lost when clearing the browser cache and can be shared between users.

[23349] Add batch operations to staff interface catalog search results

With this enhancement there is a new “Edit” menu on the catalog search that allows to “Batch edit”, “Batch delete,” and “Merge” selected records from the result list, making these features easier to access.

[7468] Add label to batch by barcode range

This enhancement to the label creator tool adds an option to let you generate a range of barcode numbers (for example, from 05000 to 05500) and save these as a PDF, ready for printing. These barcodes need not be in use in order to print.

  • [7882] Add ability to move and reorder fields and subfields in MARC editor
  • [24173] Add subtitle & published date to the search page in the advanced editor
  • [24452] Add visual cue for whitespace in the advanced editor
  • [25231] Remove alert when replacing a bibliographic record via Z39.50
  • [11297] Add support for custom PQF attributes for Z39.50 server searches
  • [21921] Add publication year to the Z39.50 search form for bibliographic records
  • [25235] Don’t alert when replacing an authority record via Z39.50
  • [15727] Add 385$a – Audience to MARC21 detail pages
  • [23783] Add display of languages from MARC21 field 041 to the OPAC
  • [24312] Update MARC21 frameworks to Updates 28+29 (May and November 2019)
  • [25011] Improve display of Production credits (MARC21 508) in OPAC and staff


[17674] Allow UI to delete serials issues in batch

This enhancement allows to select multiple issues to be deleted from the ‘serial collection’ page in the serials module. A checkbox allows to optionally delete linked items as well.

  • [16962] Remove the use of “onclick” from serial collection template
  • [24877] Add link from vendor to linked subscriptions

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